Posted by: al66888 | June 11, 2007

President and Senate continue to waste time and our money

President Bush is meeting with Senate leaders to try and resurrect the immigration bill


Is there a need for comprehensive immigration?  I think the bill should be broken down into parts and the have a vote on each.   So this way we can pass the upgrade of the border patrol and reject the portion that is going to allow the already illegal immigrants to bring over an additional 50 million immigrants who are part of their families.   This is a bill where the Senate voted AGAINST banning those who have criminal records from becoming legal citizens.   That’s all we need is more crime in the country. 

Everything about this bill is based on politics. Whether it’s Harry Reid (D-NV) calling out the President and Republicans, or the Republicans worrying about their status with Hispanic voters.

“The fact that he’s coming to the Hill is kind of dramatic and shows his dedication to this issue,” Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., told USA TODAY on Sunday. Martinez, who also serves as general chairman of the Republican National Committee, acknowledged that the immigration stalemate threatens to drive a wedge between his party and Hispanic voters.

Does anyone care that 3/4 Americans don’t support this bill? That’s Americans- not Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans, or any other divisional adjective you’d like to use. I don’t know why we always try to segregate ourselves, you’re either an American, or you’re not, it’s that simple. Nothing else should matter- not race, not religion, not sexual orientation- nothing.


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