Posted by: al66888 | June 8, 2007

Syria readies for war?

Syria has strengthened their army on the Northern border of Israel.   And guess who’s helping?  Of course, they are being aided by Iran.  Fears in Israel is that they are preparing to launch a surprise attack. 

Israeli security officials said Syria is preparing for a summer war. But they said there was an argument within the Israeli intelligence community whether the military build-up is for an attack or is meant by Syria to pressure Israel into vacating the Golan Heights. Some officials said Syria estimates the U.S. or Israel will attack Iran, and Syria will be drawn into a larger military confrontation by opening up a front against northern Israel. Also, the officials said, Syria may believe Israel will attack first and its preparations are defensive in nature.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has multiple times told his state-run media the past few months Damascus is preparing for war. He warned Israel to evacuate the Golan Heights.

This past weekend, Assad called for “better cooperation” between Damascus and Tehran in “the confrontation with the Zionist regime and the USA,” according to a report published Sunday by Iran’s official state news agency, IRNA

The story from World Net Daily is pretty detailed, and can be read here

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