Posted by: al66888 | June 6, 2007

What would you hear if D Day was today?

The politics that play with the lives of our soldiers sickens me.  What would we see/hear today if D Day was in 2007?  How would FDR’s brilliant and moving prayer be received?

  • Could you imagine the outrage to FDR doing a public prayer for the troops?  The ACLU would be all over this as separation of church and state
  • Would Harry Reid (D-NV) tell us how the war has already been lost?
  • Would John Murtha (D-PA) tell of how are troops killed in cold blood?
  • I can picture the NY Times Front Page headline, “All hope is gone- American troops defeated in Normandy- Millions die”
  • And then you would have all the Senators out there, who I think I’m just going to simply refer to collectively as “the idiots in Washington” stating how they voted for it, but they had bad information, but when things were going well they were proud of their vote, but not that things are going bad it’s the administration’s fault.

We need to get back to a country of unity.  We may have different ideas on what shoud be done, but we are constantly fighting ourselves.  As the brilliant Abraham Lincoln once stated:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half-slave and half-free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved – I do not expect the house to fall – but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.” Lincoln’s ‘House-Divided’ Speech in Springfield, Illinois, June 16, 1858.



  1. I actually have to copy the response of upyours1 to this section. Now, I don’t know how bright the person can be if they post a reply to this entry under the Login instructions.
    So since he can’t do that, I’ll help him out, since I’m a good guy. So here are his comments, pasted below:

    By: upyours1 on June 6th, 2007
    at 7:18 pm

    A few more questions to ponder:
    1. Would the prayer really have united the country if both Germany and Japan had not attacked the US or our allies, had no viable military to threaten the US or our allies, and had not invaded their neighbors?
    2. Or did the US public support the war, and the President, because they believed that WWII was a just war which was critical to our national interests as well as the world’s interests?
    2. Are we supposed to compare every goddamn war now to WWII and every enemy to Adolf Hitler? Wouldn’t the US invasion of Vietnam and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan be more appropriate examples?
    3. Did Saddam’s revolutionary guard have a Panzer division with the world’s best tanks? How about an air force?
    4. What country did the US invade on D-Day and why? (Hint: it was an Ally. Hint 2: why would we invade an Ally?)
    5. If GWB had been president during WWII, would he have declared “Mission Accomplished” in 1942?
    6. Is this country really supposed to rally behind our leader every time he launches an ill-conceived, unnecessary, illegal, and immoral trillion-dollar war? Why might that be a bad idea?
    7. Should the country still rally behind the leader who launched the ill-conceived, unnecessary, illegal, and immoral trillion-dollar war even after every reason he gave for going to war was proven to be a lie?

  2. 1. were we not attacked on 9/11? I can’t help if these cowards will not were a uniform and fight us.
    2. actually no, they didn’t support the war, that’s why it took us so long to get involved
    2 (again) I never compared the wars, not one single thing was mentioned about the war. I only compared “the times” and how things would be perceived today
    3. What does the strength or weakness of one’s Army have to do with anything? Your thoughts are getting more and more irrational as they progress
    4. So we should only invade ally nations? Brilliant!
    5. LOL! I agree, I meant to actually put that one on my list of things and forgot to- you’re starting to make sense again.
    6. Spoke too soon, more leftest babble. I will agree that it is ill-conceived and poorly run. They started off great by going in and taking out Saddam, but they had no plan for what to do next. This has been a poorly run war, but that being said, I have yet to hear a good solution to it. What’s your option- cut and run? Leave the land for the Iranian terror groups to swoop in and seize control- then rebuild and recruit?
    7. You duplicated #6, except the last line. And every reason he gave, so did Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry. It’s amazing how you chose to either ignore or forget all of their comments leading to their votes in the Senate. They had access to all of the same military inteligence, and drew the same conclussions.

  3. 1. We were attacked on 9/11, but not by Iraq. It is pathetic that some people still perpetuate this lie. Even delusional GWB admitted this –

    2. If Iraq had attacked the US and/or our close allies (as Germany and Japan did in WWII), the public would support our invasion of Iraq (as the public supported the D-Day invasion). Iraq posed no threat to the US or our allies prior to the invasion.

    3. So the public should be totally excited and supportive when we beat the shit out of some poor losers with no military infrastructure who didn’t even attack us, just as we did when we were in a life and death struggle against fascist powers that posed a serious military challenge?

    4. No, retard, the point is that we invaded France to free the country from the Nazis, who had invaded and occupied the country. Thus, we were just in fighting back those who invaded France. Iraq, on the other hand, invaded nobody and didn’t even have the capability to do so if they wanted. So what was the justification for invading them?

    5. Our soldiers already did their job in Iraq and it is time for them to come home. The various factions in Iraq are going to fight until they’ve had enough and our presence there is only further enflaming the insurgency. Don’t tell me about the hypothetical doomsday scenarios if we bring our troops back home. Every prediction this administration has made about this war has been 100% wrong. No one knows what will happen in Iraq after we leave, but we know what’s happening with us there and it’s a disaster. And if the Repubs feel that they deserve a blank check to keep troops there indefinitely, then they shouldn’t have spent so much effort telling us how it would be a cakewalk and that the war would even pay for itself in oil revenue. If they had been honest up front about the sacrifice needed, then the public would give it to them. Of course, the public probably never would have supported the invasion in the first place if they’d told the truth.

    6. Hillary and Kerry and all the other Dems who enabled the Republicans in launching this war also deserve much blame. In some ways, they disgust me even more than the administration.

  4. 1. Who said that we were attacked on 9/11 by Iraq? I can’t follow your logic. Do you know that many of the people that we are fighting in Iraq aren’t Iraqi’s? Many of them are Iranian, and many have ties to other outside terrrorist oganizations. We are not in Iraq because we feel Iraq is the main problem. It is however a prized possession for the likes of the terror cells and has been repeated many times by the enemy saying Iraq is crucial for recruitment and the jihad to continue

    2. Once again, we’re not just fighting Iraqi’s in Iraq. And I do recall a country of oppressed people who were cheering the expolsion of Hussein.

    3. You’re point for #3 makes absolutely no sense. I have no idea what this means, or what point it makes. So because they aren’t a military powerhouse you should do nothing. Should we wait till they have nuclear capabilities, would that make them a ‘powerhouse’ to your liking? This is a different enemey, we are not fighting a country. This is like no other war ever fought.

    4. Once again, this makes no sense. I like how you call me a retard then talk about how france was occupied. You then go on to say that Iraq can’t invade anyone. So which is it, the invader or the invadee? You are still not making any sense. But, I wonder, how can you say that Iraq does not have the capability to invade anyone? Does your memory prevent you from going back far enough to remember the invasion of Kuwait? And Iraq was/is under seige, maybe not from a country (once and for all- that’s not the type of enemy we are fighting) but from a ruthless dictator, and a series of terror groups.

    5. you mistake me for a republican (see the about page)- you can fire all the anti republican info you want on this site. I’m a conservative, not a republican, I’m actually very annoyed at both parties right now. You can sit there with you jaded view and not look at things from both sides. This site does not- so you will see several posts that rip on W, Hillary, McCain, Reid, etc. I don’t care what flag they fly, I care about what they are doing to/for the country. The removal of Saddam was great, it was a brilliant display of what the US military is capable of doing. However, since then, the war has been run very poorly. And it’s not a republican war. Dems voted for it, had multiple attempts to try and vote against it, and now that they control congress meaning they control the purse strings. They know they can’t just pull out, or that area will become the next Darfour. Did you read any of the autrocities that were occuring before we invaded ie the rape houses?

    6. You should be upset- and not just at one party or the other, but both. They have made this war a politcal war instead of a military war. As we’ve seen in Vietnam, we can’t win a politcally controlled war.

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