Posted by: al66888 | June 5, 2007

Everyone is offended at everything

Joe Scarborough has become the latest target in the ‘you can’t say anything’ world.  In the piece, 2 guys were joking around about the looks of Sen Fred Thompson’s wife.  During the exchange, Joe Scarborough makes the comment:

I wonder if she works the pole

Now, some of said this is a sexual reference, others a stripper reference, and still MSNBC states that it has to do with a new exercise fad.

But my point is, does everyone have to get so offended? Was it crude? Sure. Is it immature? Sure. But guess what, if you don’t like what he’s saying…..don’t watch his show. When did we get such thin skin? When did all of America turned into this ‘I’m offended!’ society? Guys like Scarborough and Imus are a dime a dozen, and yes, they’re idiots. But, we are going on a media witch hunt that has only one way of going- and that’s the shut down of freedom of speech. Each side- left and right- is trying to find ways to burry the other, while not realizing that their hurting their own cause. If you attack every left leaning news organization on every slip up, as soon as your right leaning news caster does the same, he’s gone. It’s a lose/lose proposition.

If you want an apology fine, but still, can’t anyone just joke around and say- ‘hey, for an old dude, Thompson has a hot wife’. Has America forgotten how to laugh?



  1. Agreed with all points mentioned. Freedom of speech is definitely being threatened. People need to take a step back from the ‘witch hunt’ and look to see where all this is leading. When we turn into a society where the government runs the media we will all be sorry. Lighten up people!!!

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