Posted by: al66888 | June 3, 2007

Another terrorist plot foiled

Once again, as we saw a few months earlier in NJ, a terrorist plot targeted to the JFK airport and its fuel supply, has been foiled.   The plan was to lay explosives that would blow up the fuel reserves of the airport which would kill thousands who were at the airport at that time.  The pipeline also runs underground through the borough of Queens, where the terrorists expected to kill thousands more.   According to one operator of the pipeline, new security measures would have shut the line off, preventing the fire from moving up and down the line. 

You can view the full AP story here

What I have grown tired of (besides these Muslim extremists) is the fact that we continue to report these stories as being planned by ‘homegrown terrorists’. As if little Bobby down the street is cooking this stuff up in his basement. In the NJ case, several of these men were illegal immigrants who were involved with the law some 75 times, but were never arrested. In this most recent case, the men were citizens of Guyana and Trinidad. One did become an American citizen, but I wouldn’t exactly call getting your citizenship to be homegrown.


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