Posted by: al66888 | June 1, 2007

Happy Al Gore Day!

Today is June 1st, the beginning of Hurricane season.  Now, with the advent of this world ending global warming view, it appears that it should be officially renamed “Terrorcane” Season.  I’ve never seen so much coverage on hurricanes in my life.  Well, outside of last year, where the US’s destruction was inevitable.  I spoke with a realtor in Galveston, TX who said that their summer season was dead last year because of the prediction that 5 named storms would hit the area- 3 of which were supposed to be 4s or 5s.  No one wanted to be on the beach due to the fear that the next hurricane would hit.    Just for the record, nothing ever happened in Galveston, and last year was one of the quiet years in terms of storms hitting the US.  

But now it appears, maybe for ratings and viewers, that all sorts of traditional media outlets are embracing the potential disaster that is hurricane season.  The Weather Channel starts their ‘hurricane week’ this week, and several of the nations newspapers did stories on ‘possible’ storms and destruction.  Not anything that is forming, not anything that’s on the horizon, not even anything that has hit.  Just basically the same the world is ending scare tactics that seem to follow the new global warming ‘persuasion campaign’ (Al Gore’s words, not mine). 

Thanks Al ‘he played on our fears’ Gore.  Happy Al Gore day. 


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