Posted by: al66888 | June 1, 2007

Dr. Death, back on the streets

Dr. Jack Kevorkian prepares to leave prison today after more than 8 years of a 10-25 year sentence.   Kevorkian has vowed never again to aid someone in a suicide or even give them counsel, but vowed to fight to change the laws to make end of life care an option and not a crime.  Time put together an article a few days ago that talks about the upcoming release (today) and the issues that may re-arise. 

I actually find this argument and this issue to be fascinating. Not the release portion, but the right of life issue. What I would like to see is a string of opinions on this one, because to me this is where ‘common sense’ trumps ‘conservative’.

  • I do understand how the Catholic Church is against this because it is the belief that suicide will land you in hell. But didn’t God, with the Garden of Eden, give us free choice, and isn’t that our choice to make?
  • I see where abortion activists see this as a right to life issue- but unlike abortion, the person dying is the one making the decision.
  • And I can see where advocates for the disabled and doctors have been against it- and I’m all for finding alternative ways to decrease pain, and exhausting all other options first. But when it comes down to it, isn’t it the patients choice?

As a conservative, this appears conflicting, but I tend to be of the smaller government nature- and I feel our government is involved in way too much. This case does not involve the injury of others (an argument you could make on abortion among others) so isn’t it free choice? Isn’t that one of the basic freedoms that makes this place America?

I would love to hear both sides of this argument- please comment- and if you could, preface your thought process. Like I said, I find this argument fascinating.

Sorry for getting so deep, I’m going to have to post a few “lighthearted” posts after this.


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