Posted by: al66888 | June 1, 2007

ACLU- trying to give civil liberties to anyone who’s against America

Is it shocking to hear that it will be the ACLU who will defend suspected Al Qaida terrorists in a tort case vs Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary.  The ACLU basically stands for anything anti-American, so it is no shock to see them get right on board with Bin Laden’s terror cell.  The suit claims that this company actually knew that transports on their planes would be tortured. First, there is no evidence that they were, and 2nd, I doubt that the CIA gives classified information to Jeppesen Execs. The suit does assert that torture did take place, but that torture was committed by the North African kingdom of Morocco.

I wonder when the American Civil Liberties Union will actually start working for Americans

See the full article here


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