Posted by: al66888 | May 30, 2007

Is anyone listening when it comes to Immigration?

A recent Rasmussen Report shows that only 26% of All Americans support the comprehensive immigration bill that is being put forth by the Senate. 26%….that’s only 1 in every 4. So if so many people are against it that would mean that the parties realize their constituencies are against it. There in lies the problem; there is no concern for the voters now, only the over 12 million potential voters that each party is trying to sign up. Basically, both parties are not looking at immigration as a security issue, a immigration issue, a tax issue, a welfare issue, but strictly looking at this as a ‘get out the vote’ issue. It’s all about Power, and that power is not to the people. Our government is working on trying to legalize these people, but why? Is it due to public outcry or voter demand? Hardly appears that way:

‘Only 29% of voters say it is Very Important for “the government to legalize the status of illegal aliens already in the United States” according to the poll’

Where the people seem to care is the enforcement of the laws:

‘The enforcement side of the debate is clearly where the public passion lies on the issue. Seventy-two percent (72%) of voters say it is Very Important for “the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration.” That view is held by 89% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats, and 63% of unaffiliated voters’

And that’s because only 16% of Americans believe that the Senate Bill will reduce illegal immigration.

Here’s a novel idea, how about we simply begin to enforce some of our current laws instead of debating more government red tape. We already have laws on the books, so now it’s time to enforce them

  1. Its time to build the fence (We’ve already passed the bill, now let’s actually build it) How can we even debate on what to do with everyone that is here when we can’t even stop the hemorrhaging!
  2. It’s time to start enforcing the fact that coming here illegally is a felony
  3. It’s time to start checking to see if people are here illegally when they are arrested (Do you know that there were over 75 opportunities for police to see if The Jersey 6 were here illegally and it never happened)

No more laws, more enforcement of current laws. The only thing that the Senate should be doing is passing a bill to add more border guards and giving those guards the ability to do their jobs.


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